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Healthcare Disparities


Undocumented cancer patients are hesitant about accessing Charity Care or locally funded Medicaid programs. They are fearful of being disqualified for citizenship, should another amnesty bill pass, due to "public charge" laws. 

New York and California are the only two states with insurance programs inclusive of undocumented migrants.  Undocumented cancer patients cannot access health insurance through public service sectors because of their citizenship status in any other state.

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Migrant Profile

The undocumented migrant profile

Illegal Immigration

Who is considered undocumented?

There are currently over 60 million people in the world who are fleeing their home countries for various reasons. In the United States, there are 11 million undocumented migrants coming from Latino America, Europe, Asia and Africa. 


  • War

  • Political unrest

  • Persecution 

  • Violence

  • Extreme poverty, and seeking

    • Education

    • Employment 

    • Up-to-date medical care

    • Safety from perceived imminent threat of

      • being kidnapped

      • being murdered

      • being forced into the drug trade